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Scientific Affairs administrative

Administrative structure: -
The administrative structure of the Secretariat of Scientific is constituted from

-The Secretary of Scientific Affairs

-Executive Office,

 -Heads of departments, which include:
1. Admission and Registration: -
Section tasks are summarized below:
 Perform acceptance procedures and lay the foundations for registration for students admitted to the university and the consequent conversion procedures and others.
 Oversee application procedures for institutions of higher education through the admissions office.
 Follow-up and implementation of the recommendations of  the Admission and Registration Committee..

2. Department of examinations and certificates with the following tasks: -
• supervise the exams at the university.
• prepare and adopt a scientific university degrees and honorary awards

3. Follow- up section with the following tasks: -

• Minutes undertaking and follow up of senate ratifications

 • keeping record of all resolutions.
• Follow-up and implementation of the decisions and recommendations of the Senate and its various committees.

4. Statistics and Information Department: -
• Supervises the printing of statutes.
• To supervise the annual issuance of the university calendar.
• Scientific affairs section

5. Training Department: -
• Oversee the appointment of lecturers and training aides.
• Oversee the quality and timing of various training programs include: -
- Short training programs and courses.
- Internal missions.
- Foreign Missions.

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